Camel Polo - The Sport of the Maharaja's

An exceptional adaptation of the age old sport, where the ship of desert replaces the graceful horse.

The players will give a demonstration of the game followed by an opportunity for guests to be seated on the camels & participate in the game.

When the number of the camels is more than five, we do have a mounted referee, a mike, score keeping - the works including an award ceremony at the end.

Check the video to get a glimpse of Camel Polo at Umaid Heritage Resort. Lights - Music - Action: The experience of Camel Polo at night at Umaid Heritage Resort brings you the joy of being in the royal club.
Umaid Lake Palace Dausa  Umaid Lake Palace Hotel Camel Polo
Camel Polo can be organized with breakfast, high tea, lunch or dinner..!!

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