Abhaneri Step Well and Harshat Mata Temple

Abhaneri Stepwell - Umaid Lake Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan
Nearby Attractions - Chand Baori
Nearby Attractions - Chand Baori - Steps

The picture of this marvelous well of the 9th century is simply a piece of art. To visit this 100 ft. well and acquaint oneself with its history is another story altogether. Across the well is the Harshat Mata Temple dedicated to Parvathi. The temple was built two hundred years before the well. Just a twenty minute drive from the Umaid Heritage Resort which is one of few Hotels near Abhaneri Stepwell also known as 'Chand Baori'.

The Abhaneri Stepwells have played host to various Hollywoood & Bollywood movies which have been shot here including Dark Knight Rises (From the Batman franchise) , The Fall (2006) &  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Harshat Mata Temple was built by King Chand of the Chauhan dynasty. The idol of Goddess Harshat Mata enshrined in the temple is believed to bring brightness all around.

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