Bhangarh Fort and 16th Century Historical Ruins

According to local villagers, the splendid ruins are haunted and it is famously named the ‘Bhangarh of Ghosts’. The township was built in the 1600’s by Diwan Madho Singh of the Jaipur royal family. He was the younger brother of Maharajah Man Singh, the General of Moghul Emperor Akbar.

Legend has it that this now uninhabited city of magnificent bazaars, palaces, gardens, temples and bathing pools was deserted overnight (only a generation after its completion), after being cursed by an evil court magician, Selu Sewra, who had unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Bhangarh’s virtuous and beautiful Queen.

Bhangarh is a national heritage site and whilst many travel guides recommend it as one of the top 10 sites in India, very few travelers manage to include it in their itineraries which means that you will largely have Bhangarh to yourself during your visit.

Mornings and late afternoons are a perfect time to visit this deserted city that is marvelously well-kept with green lawns and age-old ficus trees – home to many langur and macaque monkeys. It is an amazing setting for photography. Visits can be organized from the hotel to simply view Bhangarh, to experience yoga or meditation, and for picnic breakfasts or lunches. Transport is via car or jeep and takes approximately 30 minutes.


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