Brief About the Centre
READ India Kalakho Gyan Kendra, joint initiative by the host family at Umaid Lake Palace in collaboration with READ India, a non-for-profit Organisation based in Gurgaon, affiliated with READ Global, based in San Francisco, USA, is empowering women in Kalakho to earn a livelihood by making traditional arts and crafts, along with promoting traditional crafts local to Rajasthan along with a platform for the families of Kalakho and nearby villages to have access to books for reading and promoting education, learning computers and other digital tools, special programmes for their small children on early learning programmes and many others activities/programmes on community engagement and empowerment.

Details about the Centre
The center includes a fully stocked library and computer room, as well as programs on topics ranging from literacy and women’s empowerment to livelihood skills and health education. The Centres are also paired with a for-profit enterprise that generates income to sustain the Center in the long run, which the community is expected to lead once they have attained the skills to do so.
READ India Kalakho Gyan Kendra helps villagers establish start-up enterprises which make use of the existing skills in the community and transform them into reliable sources of income. Rather than imposing new skills and abilities on the community members, we harness and sharpen the existing talents of individuals to let them earn a decent living while also allowing them to contribute and sustain the Center.

Programs Organised at the centre: 

The team at the Center believes education is a tool for empowerment, developing an identity, and enable girls to create spaces for themselves within their families and communities.

Education is the key to empowering women and girls from marginalized communities. READ India’s education interventions aim to improve reading and writing habits, while also offering courses such as English learning and digital learning, coaching classes, and early childhood education.

Livelihood and Women Empowerment
The Center works to ensure that people from the most marginalized communities are empowered, live with dignity, and have alternative livelihoods, allowing them to support their household and community.

The Center focuses on empowering women by building their skills, capacities and assets, and creating an enabling environment with stakeholders committed to their socio-economic development.

Experts and Specialized Doctors along with their team conduct awareness workshops and health camps.

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